Are Evaporative Coolers Worth The Investment?

Evaporative coolers offer the best and most reliable air cooling options. Evaporative coolers are a natural, simple solution to all your cooling needs.

The evaporative cooling system works by opening a door or window to let out the warm, stale air. As the cooler cools, fresher air is allowed in.

This is unlike air conditioning systems which recycle the same air repeatedly. The cool air is fresh and natural, and it isn’t harsh on your lovely plants.

These coolers can be recycled. They emit very low levels of greenhouse gases. This is impressive compared to air conditioning units. These units are also much more efficient in terms of power consumption.

Evaporative coolers require less effort to set up and maintain. They are also more affordable. It can be powered by an electric motor and requires very little to operate. No gases, no fuel. A simple humidifying device.

What Are The Features You Should Look For?

The features you should consider before buying an evaporative cool system are dependent on how often you intend to use it. You should consider the size and air output of your cooler.

These are some guidelines to help you choose the best greenhouse evaporative coolers.

  • Size

Consider the size of your greenhouse before you start looking for evaporative coolers. Make sure the cooler you choose can cool the desired area.

  • The Maintenance Costs

These systems do not require much maintenance. It takes very little effort to keep these systems running. Each model has its maintenance schedule. It is important to ensure that the maintenance costs of any model you select are low.

  • Additional Features

Different evaporative coolers have different features. Some systems are quieter than others. Some systems are quieter than others. Others have greater water capacity and more energy-saving features. You can make a list of all your needs, and then choose the swamp cooler that suits you best.

Decide which features you are most interested in before making a purchase. This will allow you to make an informed decision and help you make the right choice.

How Can You Make Your Evaporative Coolers More Efficient?

These are some of the tips that you can use to make your swamp cooler more efficient.

  • Regular Service

Regular cooling system maintenance is important. This will increase its efficiency and make it last longer. It is recommended to do this once every six months.

These are just a few ways you can maintain your cooler. You should clean your filters at least twice a week to avoid dirt and dust accumulation.

You should change the moisture pads and clean the pump frequently if you have a window chiller. If you don’t, the cooling pads can become clogged which will affect the effectiveness of your device.

  • Scraping Out Mineral Deposits And Using Inline Water Filters

Evaporative coolers require water to function. Water contains minerals. Most minerals stay in your cooling system. They form what is called a “scale”.

Your device’s efficiency can be affected by this. You can either clean the scale off your cooling device using a scraper and wire brush or install an inline water filter to avoid the problem. These devices are simple to install and less time-consuming than scraping.

  • Lubricating The Water Pump

The pump is what allows the water to flow through the reservoir to the pads. It is important to keep the pump clean and to keep it lubricated.