How To Increase The Life Expectancy Of Your Entrance Mat

The entrance mats help you keep your floors clean while keeping your people safe. Although they are subject to constant abuse from people who walk all over them, it is possible to keep them in good condition for a longer time by taking care of them.

With a few simple tips, most entrance mats can be easily maintained. These tips can be incorporated into your everyday work and home life to save money on mat replacements.

These methods can be used on any mat, but are especially important for entrance mats as they often see the most traffic.

It Should Be Cleaned Regularly

Follow the instructions to clean your mat. You can clean the mat if dirt starts to build up. However, you should also regularly clean it depending on how much traffic your entry receives.

Cleaning your mats at least once per week is a good idea for busy entrances with high footfall. You can clean your mat more often if you have less foot traffic.

This infographic How to Clean a Doormat has more information.

Invest In The Best

It’s been said before, and it will be repeated again: mats that are better save money. It is worth spending a little more to get a mat of high quality that will last for many years than the ones that are cheaper. This saves you money every six months.

A non-slip mat such as waterhog mats of high quality will protect your floors better than one that is cheaper. High-quality chair mats will last longer and protect your floors more effectively.

It’s a more cost-effective option to invest a bit more on a top-quality mat than on a cheap one.

Only Use As Directed

Entrance mats can be chemically treated to add extra features. Kitchen mats are chemically and oil-resistant. It is best to place a mat in the intended environment.

Also, before you buy a mat, make sure to check the traffic level it is suitable for. A mat designed for low traffic areas will quickly deteriorate if it is used in a busy hallway.

They Can Be Moved Around

Rotating your mat every other week is a great trick in the mat business. Each edge will get the same treatment, which extends the mat’s life. One edge of your entrance mat will wear faster than the other if it is left in the same place throughout its life.

Rotating your loose-laid mat can be done easily, but fitting your entrance mat in to a well will make it difficult as the mats have been cut to fit perfectly.

Dry Them

For entrances that are subject to constant water, a rubber scraper mat with drainage holes or a traditional Coir mat (without rubber backing), works well.

You might consider a water-draining mat if you can’t dry the mat between each use. Hanging your mat in a dry cupboard is a good option if you live in a humid climate.  Make sure your mat is dry completely if it gets wet before you lay it again.

Take Care Of Your Entrance Mats

Like all things, entrance mats perform best when they are well cared for. We recommend that you keep them dry and clean, but rotate them often.

You can save a lot of money by investing a bit more in a high-quality entrance mat. It will save you money over the long-term, we promise.