Be Aware of A Few Most Popular Knobs and Pulls Used in the Kitchen Cabinets

The market is nowadays flooded with many different designs, shapes and styles of knobs that are used in your kitchen cabinet. If you are planning to build your new house or trying to renovate your kitchen you will be totally overwhelmed by looking at the varieties available on the market.

Access Residential Hardware is also a well-known manufacturer of these kitchen cabinet knobs and if you look at their websites you can find a plenty of attractive designs to choose from.

Here in this post, we are showing you a few popular designs of kitchen knobs that are mostly preferred by people these days.

  1. 3-inch bit pull

These knobs can be perfect for classic as well as transitional kitchen styles. If you have a perfect farmhouse style kitchen, then this oil rubbed type of bronze knobs will offer a very good quality and pure coziness.

  1. Arendal cup pull

If you have a classic style kitchen, then you can prefer to choose this knob. When it is paired with any cabinet with white shaker style or with any old-fashioned drawers, then this is going to be a perfect combination.

  1. Bar pull center to center 

Those who are looking for a simple design then this bar pull of stainless steel will be your right choice. Another advantage of stainless steel is that it can be very easily cleaned and also will be quite durable and long lasting.

  1. Black marble and polished nickel knob

These knobs are made from Carrara Marble and with Polished Nickel, and can be a lovely hardware for your kitchen cabinet and can add a feeling of a certain opulence to your cooking space.

  1. Blackrock square knob

These square-shaped knobs, inspired by geometric designs, will be the perfect statement element for finishing off the cabinet doors. These square kitchen knobs usually are made of black bronze and are on trend.

  1. Clear glass knob

These glass knobs may not suit for every kitchen, however, if the kitchen design is complementing with these types of clear glass knobs, then you can prefer to buy them.

  1. Davenport knob

These interesting knobs feature curved bodies and also straight lines that might work as well in the kitchen or bathroom.

  1. Mushroom cabinet knobs

These knobs are very popular one they can also last longer. If you have a small kitchen cabinet then you can get them in many different finishes so that you can perfectly match them with your cabinet.

  1. Princetonian bar pull

These interesting bar pulls are made to appear new or antique based on your cabinets that you will pair them with, whether it is in modern or classic kitchen. This cabinet hardware looks futuristic on sleek glossy cabinets, however on polished wood cabinets these bar pulls may have a nostalgic appearance.

  1. Tuscany D pull

These cabinet pulls are finished in a subtle brushed nickel and look great in any traditional kitchen. These pulls have an elegant Italian flair to them, which reminds one of opulent European buildings, making them ideal for drawer collection.