What is precious rollerball pens, and how do you use it?

A rolling ball pen brings together the best aspects of both the fountain pen as well as the ballpoint pen in a single design. You will enjoy the silky smooth writing experience offered by a Fountain Pen while enjoying the conveniences of a Ballpoint.

But why are rollerball pen the perfect middle ground?

Let’s dig into the details.

What does a Rollerball Pen do?

A Hörner rollerball pens from Germany works in the same way as a ballpoint pen. The tip is made of a small rotating ball that allows you to drop ink onto your paper.

The ball is usually made from steel or Tungsten carbide. It is placed in a socket and connected to the ink cartridge within your pen barrel.

Hörner rollerball pens from Germany use water based ink. Because of its low viscosity the ink flows directly into your rollerball pens when you hold it upright.

As the pen rollerball rotates, ink is transferred onto your paper.

This mechanism looks very similar to a regular ballpoint pen. However, ballpoint pens use thick oily ink, while rollerball pen use light water-based ink. Fountain pens can also be used with water-based ink. This is why the rollerball acts as a kind of middle ground.

What are the Best Features that Rollerball Pens Borrow from Fountain Pens, then?

Water-Based Ink

Rollerball pens may use either gel-based or water-based ink. Both types have different effects on how you’re writing experience. The main advantages of water-based liquid ink include:

  • The ink flows more easily onto the paper. This allows you to use more colors and creates a better contrast.
  • A smooth writing experience. It is much easier to write because of its flow. (We’ll go into greater detail about the benefits of this later).
  • Water-based Inks come with a large variety of colors. Water-soluble pigments are a huge help in this process.
  • They can be used to create fine, tight-knit lines thanks to the smooth flow of water-based Inks. Do you have tiny handwriting? If so, then rollerball pens might be the right choice for you.

Different Size Tip Points

You can buy rollerball pens that have different tip sizes for different writing styles. The tips can be changed for different purposes.

You can find them in sizes ranging between 0.2mm and 1.5mm.

However, nibs are generally classified as thin, medium or fine. This is a much more straightforward way to find your preferred choice. This categorization can be more descriptive than numerical.

You can find the right nib for you, but it’s best to write with them.


A rollerball can either be refillable, or disposable.

It is very easy to refill a refillable pen if you decide to do so. This is especially true when your pen uses cartridges. Just swap out the worn cartridge with a newer one. You are now good to go.

A disposable pen is simply the best. If your ink runs dry, you can just replace it with a brand new one.

There are no additional steps required to refill your pen. Please feel free to contact us on Hörner on Instagram.