The Common Causes of Noisy Pipes

Every person prefers their home plumbing system to function smoothly. Any issues related to the drainage or in the water supply isn’t favourable to lead a stress-less life. The pipes start giving signs that the whole plumbing system isn’t working perfectly. The noise from these pipes may even scare you sometimes.

The sound of the pipes indicate that it is time to get in touch with expert plumbers Sydney to identify the cause and repair the damage. In Sydney, you can contact WILCO plumbing professional plumbers to stop the unpleasant noise of the pipe.

Here are the common causes that evoke the awful noise in the pipe:

  • Loud banging noise often is heard in pipes when there is some hassle in water flow or because of high water pressure. This problem is commonly known as a water hammer. It happens when the valve is closed. When the water moving in the pipe with high pressure hits the closed valve, unfavourable sound arises. The latter issues can be solved by fixing a pressure regulator.


  • The loud noise in pipes can be because of trapped air inside. This happens when there is a problem with the water supply. The air traps in and makes noises when a water faucet or tap gets opened. You can even hear the bubbling sound of water.


  • The water pipes are mostly fixed on the exterior wall, on the terrace or under the floorboards of the house. They are usually hanging from fasteners that hold them. After many years, there are chances of them loosening from the holders that make the rattling sound. The pipes start swaying when the water runs through them. Loose pipes need to be fixed properly to avoid this rattling noise.


  • Copper pipes always extend in size when extreme hot water passes through them. Afterwards, they contract and scrape against the supporting brackets in the walls that lead to hearing loud noises. Expert plumbers can solve the problem with ease.


  • Pipes do vibrate when they are subjected to high water pressure. The humming sound persists till your plumber checks the main source of water supplying system like the water tank. A professional plumber will know the ways to normalize the water pressure and the humming sound of the pipes will reduce itself.


  • Squealing or whistling sounds can hear when the small parts of the plumbing system fail to function properly. The worn washers break and when you turn on appliances like washing machine or dishwasher, you hear weird sounds. You need to check the connecting pipes of the appliances by a professional plumber.


  • The gurgling sound often can be heard when water passes through the drain quite slowly and with lots of difficulties. That means, there is some issue in the drains that stops the flowing of water smoothly. The obstruction could be some oily residue, soapy elements clinging to locks of hair, rusting elements of the pipes or debris. Hence, you need a skilled plumber help to clean the polluting clinging materials inside the pipe.