How To Create a Solid Web Design Strategy That Increases Site Traffic?

Every business owner is aware that if they desire to attract plenty of traffic then they need to have a well-designed and functional website. Jin, a web design company Singapore ensures that the website they create looks pleasing, is easily navigable, and shares valuable information using a practical layout. While planning a web design strategy consider how to attract users’ attention and keep them engaged.

  • Design – A good design that focuses on pleasing looks, clean layout, and intuitive navigation are the basics to ensure that users don’t bounce away.
  • Perception – Good insight is obtained from a website that looks clean, well-organized and shares relevant information essential for conversion.
  • Experience – Experience associated with the website layout and navigation matters to keep visitors engaged.
  • Value – Value proposal your website will offer, which is the main reason traffic visits, so it has to be encouraging.
  • Efficiency – Efficiency highlights how speedy your website loads, which depends on the design layout and high traffic number.

A reliable web development company Singapore ensures to optimize the site for search engines and visitors. Some main aspects they take care of to help increase site traffic are given below.

Web design strategy that increases site traffic

Responsive design

Responsive design adapts and displays content on every kind of screen. Users enjoy a great experience when they visit your website from their laptop, mobile phone, desktop, or tablet. Google is also soft towards responsive sites.

Site speed

Low site loading speed is equivalent to poor user experience and they leave your site and reach your competitors. Your bounce rate increase, which is a double blow besides losing a potential customer as Google indexes you lower in SERPs. Videos and images can slow website loading speed but as visuals and media are crucial for customer engagement employ a web design strategy that addresses this issue.

Website coding

Some code forms used for webpage creation can prevent or limit crucial content from being crawled. Clunky codes push crucial keywords and content down the page and crawlers miss out as they give up crawling. Thus, your site ranks low in SERPs resulting in less site traffic.

Sharing features

Add share icons on your web pages because it allows visitors to share content directly with friends and family. Making content sharing easy directly from your website increases your brand exposure.

Create a blog

Blogging is a common traffic attracting strategy. More content on your business blog gives more opportunities to gain visibility by search engine bots. If blogs are shared on your social channel, it also helps to escalate site traffic. Google rewards website publishing fresh useful content regularly.

Content optimization

The professionals at web design agency Singapore ensure that content writing is targeted towards the right audience. Content optimization process includes using specific keywords as well as adding relevant links, title tags, and meta descriptions. Headlines are optimized to increase CTR [click-through rates]. Images are used for better user engagement as well as optimized for search engine bots for better understanding.

Ensure that your web design tactic addresses the above features for increasing site traffic!