CBD As an Anticoagulant Agent – Is It Safe to Use CBD With Blood Thinners?

CBD is studied extensively for its potential in treating multiple medical conditions. Some of its health benefits are yet to be scientifically proven. It has already proven its potential in stress and pain relief as well as skincare. CBD is also recommended for people having sleep issues. All the benefits cannot be proven, but it is a known fact that CBD is a safe non-psychoactive approach for treating medical conditions.

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In general, CBD has great capabilities of regulating internal organs functioning with the help of the endocannabinoid system, but medical experts are not certain about its blood-thinning capabilities. Is CBD compound a blood thinner?

Blood thinner drugs are taken intravenously or orally to prevent the thickening of the blood. Clot formation in the blood can hinder blood flow to the lungs, brain, and heart. Blood clotting is crucial but excessive clotting is dangerous. Every blood thinner differs in its working. Some prevent the blood cells from sticking together, while many are anticoagulants and antiplatelets. It works by enhancing the time blood takes to clot. Common blood thinners with anticoagulant properties are Enoxaparin, Heparin, and Warfarin.

CBDs anticoagulant effects

Full-spectrum CBD oil has all the cannabinoids and terpenes but THC concentration is >0.3%. In a study, full-spectrum CBD revealed that thrombin activity offered an IC50 value of 9 mg/ml in comparison to 2 mg/ml for THC. It means CBD has a greater influence on clotting than THC. Several animal studies indicate that CBD affects platelets and anticoagulants by impeding their production thus enhancing the clotting time for blood.

Taking blood thinner and CBD together – Is it safe?

In a study, about the interaction of Warfarin and CBD, it was found that CYP450 significantly metabolizes Warfarin, while CBD inhibits the enzymes of this class. Warfarin stays in the bloodstream for a long because of the impaired breakdown. If CBD is taken, then Warfarin Plasma concentration will increase. Thus, the time taken for blood clotting will also increase. It can cause bleeding issues. Is it safe to take CBD with prescribed blood thinners?

People with different medical conditions are prescribed blood thinners. Several people may choose CBD oil to gain relief from other medical conditions. Even if they are taking both CBD and prescribed a blood thinner for different reasons, it is essential to be careful as every person’s blood interacts differently with CBD.

It is sensible to talk with your doctor before adding CBD to your routine. Many anticoagulants trigger unusual bruising, prolonged hemorrhage, and even gum bleeding. Several medications like Heparin and Edoxaban don’t interact with CBD but there is a need for research to combine CBD with both these medications.

CBD used with blood thinners can synergize the effect. It means double the power of individual effect. It means the potency of the prescribed blood thinner will increase with CBD, which can cause negative complexities. Consult, your physician because the prescribed drugs are absorbed differently and respond distinctively when used with CBD. The doctor can adjust both CBD and blood thinner medication.