Things that Will Make Your Website Stand out

The internet is big. You don’t want anyone playing “Where’s Waldo?” on your website. These are 11 ways your website can stand out from the rest.

  • Offer something extra in exchange for your email signup. A downloadable how-to, free research or a coupon code is all examples of what you can do.
  • Keep it updated. Show them the latest updates with a news scroll or blog preview or even a popup.
  • Keep your visitors’ attention on one thing. This is the opposite of “focus”.
  • Have fun. With words and graphics.
  • Make your site searchable. We’re busy and expect everything right now. You don’t want people to search your site for content that is too large.
  • Create a blog. You know things. This is your knowledge. Be a respected expert.
  • It should be updated at least 11 times per month. Triple your traffic.
  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly! More than 70% of internet traffic comes via mobile devices. You can run this. If you fail the test, it will slow down your traffic.
  • Use video! Studies show that video keeps people on a website for an average of half a day. The longer they stay, the more likely it is they will get involved.
  • Think of “headlines” and “graphics.” This is what people will see so that’s why you need to highlight it. The supporting text is only there to help.
  • Be yourself. No one can be you. Your website should sound and look likes you. Just as there is someone for everyone, so are others who are looking for companies like yours. It should be the company they find.

7 Things that Will Make Your Website Stand out

Web design is constantly evolving. In the business world, the best website often wins. These are seven things you can do that will make your website stand out and help you attract your ideal clients and customers.

Cohesive Branding

A website is only as good as its brand design. Before you start work on your website, I recommend that you have your visual branding in place. Before we can work together, I ask that clients who are custom web designers have professional branding.

Visual branding can include logo design, as well as alternate logos and sub marks, a color palette, and font selection. You can also add photo duration and a mood board to represent the overall aesthetic of your brand imagery.

Beautiful Imagery

Your website can only be as good as the images that you use. Your brand’s aesthetic should be represented in photos. Website design Denver will help you to make your website more representatives.

Professional photographers are highly recommended, even for headshots. However, you can use stock photos of high quality to fill in the gaps.

Compelling Copy

Your website’s words are just as important as your images and imagery. Your website can either help you reach your ideal clients or drive them away.

You’re not the only one struggling to create content for your website. It is not an easy task. A guide can be your guide.

Creative Layouts

It is difficult to quickly scan large blocks of text, especially in this age of short attention spans.

If you want to capture your audience’s attention, it is important to be creative with your page layout. You could break up the text into columns, or use images to allow for more space.

Motion & Animations

Websites are mostly static. It’s easy to make your website stand out by adding animations or interactive elements.

Client Testimonials

Exciting testimonials from clients can significantly increase your conversion rate, and help you stand out among the rest.

Video Content

Video content can significantly increase conversion rates. Video can be used on Square space websites in two ways. To add visual appeal and a video to the background, you can add it as a banner. Video can be embedded anywhere you like.