The Best Flowers for Every Occasion

A bouquet of single flowers or a bouquet is the ideal gift for any occasion, from births to funerals. No matter if you give a single long-stemmed red rose, or a bouquet with many blooms, it will convey emotions that words can’t often express.

There are many occasions when you may not know what kind of flower is right for you. Nearly every flower comes with an attached historic sentiment. The florist Botany has beautiful arrangements of exotic and unique flowers that are carefully crafted by our passionateĀ florists.

This message conveys a message either to the recipient or to guests at an event like a wedding. The daisy family’s tansy flowers may be cheerful with button-like heads. But to some, it can suggest you’re giving someone “hostile thoughts”, while to others it can mean “healthy and immortality.” Pink carnations might signify “gratitude”, while striped carnations signify rejection. Yellow carnations, on the other hand, can be understood to mean “refusal.”

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These meanings can be derived from many sources including Shakespeare’s words and the Bible. The symbology of flowers evolved. You can feel more confident when making flower selections if you know the language of flowers.

Flowers for weddings

Many couples think that flowers arrangements and bouquets should be considered regardless of where the wedding is held.

Trends in wedding flowers change every year. The colors and styles of wedding flowers are usually in line with the latest fashions and home decor. Many couples prefer to select flowers based on their scent. Season they will be married. For wedding bouquets and arrangements, peonies (symbolizing happiness, prosperity, and good luck) are popular choices. You can customize the meaning of your flowers for your wedding day by looking at these other popular wedding flower choices:

Valentine’s Day Flowers

On Valentine’s Day lovers traditionally gave flowers that spoke of their special relationship. In all its gorgeous hues, the rose is still the most popular flower to celebrate this day.

Red roses: passion

White roses: chaste love

Yellow Roses: friendship

Coral roses: desire

Roses for admiration

Primroses new love and new beginnings

Special Occasion Flowers

Flowers can be used as a way to mark special occasions such as job promotions, prom corsages, anniversaries, or graduation. You can choose any kind of flower. However, you can make your flowers more meaningful by considering the symbolism associated with certain varieties.

Birthday Flowers

A thoughtful bouquet is the ideal birthday gift. Birthday bouquets are great for including yellow roses (a symbol of friendship). Choose the most meaningful birthday bouquets based on the recipientā€™s favorite flowers or those that symbolize a particular aspect of your relationship. These are some of the best flowers for a birthday bouquet.

Red carnations: appreciation

Red Chrysanthemums – sharing and “I LOVE YOU”

Forget about me a note: remember my name forever

Geranium friendship and comfort

Jasmine: elegance and grace

Mother’s Day

You can choose the flower that you like best for Mother’s Day. Mother’s popular Day bouquets include lilies (or orchids), roses, and lilies. Consider giving her a bouquet of mixed blooms if she loves all kinds. Here are some suggestions for Mom:

Gerbera daisies: cheerfulness

White Lilacs: Youth and Innocence of Childhood

Daylilies mother

Lily-of-the-valley: sweetness, pure love

Dwarf sunflowers: adoration

Red tulips -declaration for love

Yellow Tulips: Enjoy the sunshine with a smile

Christmas and Winter Holiday Flowers

A floral arrangement or plant makes a great gift for hosting a holiday celebration. The most common poinsettia is the red, yellow, or green variety. A popular holiday flower is amaryllis which symbolizes love and determination. Other than the poinsettias and amaryllis there are other meaningful ideas for holiday floral.

Sympathy and Funeral Flowers

Send floral arrangements to the loved ones of the deceased to be used at home or during funerals or services. If the family of the deceased accepts flowers for the funeral service, choose something suitable so that it can be viewed during the service and taken home afterward or laid on the grave later.

There are many options for funeral flowers, such as standing sprays or funeral baskets. You can also present them in the form of wreaths and crosses. Here’s a list of flowers and their meanings when used in sympathy arrangements.

Lilies restored innocence of the departed soul

Gladioli Strength of character, moral integrity, and sincerity

Red carnations admiration

Pink carnations: in memory